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octors and professional criminal investigators have checked the clay sculpture and found no clues. Since this is the case, it is better to return it to Yingtong. Strive to get Yingtong’s favor.

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“Thank you.” Chen Ge took the doll: “Brother Zheng, can you let me and Ying Tong be alone?” “You have a lot of things. I found that people 西安耍耍论坛 who came to the police station wanted to leave early. You just came. Don’t want to go, really treat this as your own home?” Li Zheng […]

n thousand ways. Shi’s news!” The

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news comes from this one. The 西安洗浴网 news about Wandaoshi is naturally true, and the emperor will naturally believe his words. Therefore, King Dou did a lot of effort on this trip to the gate of the earth. He did not provide information about the Wandaoshi. Su Yu and the others may not enter the […]

nd wanted to slap Zong Cheng again on the spot, but before he could do it, the nearby servicemen suddenly screamed and wailed.

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The Patriarch of the Zong family suddenly turned his head and saw that a young man had already killed behind them more than once! With a knife, no match! 463、Comrades-in-arms No one knows when this boy was killed behind the Zong clan, even Zheng Yuandong, who has been looking 西安耍耍论坛 at the overall situation, doesn’t […]

ack to cover the door of the house: “Ying Chen will definitely come back, he I heard the knock on the door just now in order to get over as quickly as possible. At that time, the cat’s barking became louder and louder, but the sound of dragging the heavy object stopped. It means that he put down the dragged skirt lady in his hand and chose to come and find me first. He may have gone back to find the key to the lady in the skirt now.”

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“The sound of dragging heavy objects stopped in the corridor on the seventh floor. It only takes about ten seconds for him to go back and forth. I can’t help it at this time. Leaving with Yingtong 西安品茶网 and Amu, he can only stay here.” Standing up, Chen Ge stumbled towards the living room. He […]


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“Sure!” Everyone knew the truth. They all breathed in. They were so courageous. Of course, this Shura envoy was treacherous enough, grasping this handle, and resolved the two major forces that had been facing each other for several months, after all, they won the two forbidden grounds and won the Liufang Mountain! At this moment, […]

uses didn’t run!

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The Floating Earth Spirit wanted to kill the bastard Su Yu, what 西安夜网论坛 about the alliance? So to allies? Almost killed! Too dangerous! And Su Yu, beheading an invincible, sneered, “Liu Wushen, you go to the north to help, see if I cut these wastes!” The five invincibles can’t care about those people! They also […]

t all by yourself.

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The old doctor often went out to gather herbs when he was still alive. At the beginning, the old doctor smiled and told people that although the wild beasts have become more powerful now, the effects of the herbs are also better. Therefore, the old doctor relied on his ability to identify herbal medicines and […]


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As soon as Cangshan Ming didn’t react, he didn’t know what to do! Damn, how could this be? He had just negotiated a dozen dead souls, but now four or five of them have been killed all at once. This time, Su Yu looked back and hit Tianhe the Necromancer, which was really beyond everyone’s […]

of Qinghu City? I am here to commit a necromancer. I come from the ancient city of Yunxiao. There may be residents of the late sun and moon in the ancient city. Can the City Lord of Qinghu fight one to force him to return? “In the

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distance, the City Lord Qinghu of Yunxiao Ancient City almost scolded his mother! screw you! Do you think I’m crazy just like you? I fight a resident of the late sun and moon, and then I wait to be killed by the necromancer? I’m not you, you can restrain each other. screw you! Xia Longwu, […]