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al e-sports team?

2021年7月27日 By xashenghuo

The enemy is dancing and picking soap on your high ground, but you have to endure the huge resentment and go around. There is no reason for it! ! ! “Boss, you are still waiting for the resurrected Xin Zhao to be delivered to the door. Are you going to take his three bloods to […]


2021年7月22日 By xashenghuo

However, they want to retire, and the Scarlet Team may not be willing to let them go. The team battle was on the verge of being in the wild, and the alchemist rushed into the enemy army alone. Without the high output of Verus, Xiao Tongtong’s alchemist was almost invincible! “Xiao Tongtong, pay attention to […]

hod Xu Pingyang used to change it afterwards.

2021年7月17日 By xashenghuo

They were all very young at the time. After reading the contract, they didn’t expect the contract to be changed. They signed it along the way, and didn’t check afterwards. After all, there were too many words on it, and they all only concerned how to play the game. I have to feel sad for […]

n after his set of skills was lighted up.

2021年7月15日 By xashenghuo

The blood volume dropped sharply, and Xin Zhao seemed unusually weak when he wanted to escape. With any card in his hand, a sharp red card hit the back of Xin Zhao’s head! Xin Zhao was about to climb back to the middle tower, and was finally taken away by the blood-red flying card of […]

ods fell off one after another, and a huge gap appeared without warning. The inside was majestic black liquid, countless strange ways. Shadows floated and sinked in it, wailing constantly.

2021年7月11日 By xashenghuo

When the portal shattered, they laughed hideously, but for the next moment, what was reflected in their eyes was not the imaginary living world, but a golden figure, and the lava ocean that destroyed everything behind him. “Hello, my sacrifices,” a voice that seemed to be faintly coming from a very remote place penetrated the […]

llusion, and can make all fantasy real and impossible. The peeping, unknowable, unpredictable stalwart is supreme.

2021年7月7日 By xashenghuo

It seems that the latter is more divine. What the witches like Cathy Chloe follow are like a charismatic and knowledgeable explorer? Tang Qi thought for a few seconds, and finally smiled. Fanatics are fanatics, even some crazy divine creatures or demigods who are good at managing themselves. Although Tang Qi hasn’t really ascended to […]

h, the boat lights shook, and the lights surged, reflecting the extremely rare panic that appeared on his face.

2021年7月5日 By xashenghuo

Behind him, the monarch octopus is also accelerating, and continues to call: “Friend, good friend on the Fool’s Ship, don’t go!” With a very strange feeling, Tang Qi actually heard a little cry in his voice, which made him run faster. Chapter 637: Black-clothed Special Agent The boundless and emptiness “mystery”, a beautiful and grotesque […]


2021年6月28日 By xashenghuo

Chen Ge put away his mobile phone. Employees like Yan Danian and Lao Zhou are the better for Chen Ge. He sat in the taxi and looked at the eastern outskirts of Jiujiang: “The western outskirts have been almost everywhere, maybe I can meet new capable employees in the eastern outskirts.” Putting away the phone, […]