omatic relations, the smooth progress of overseas business activities, and the new name of “Cecile” in the surrounding area Countries are gradually gaining recognition. More and more merchants, students, and sojourners are coming here from afar. Cecil’s merchants and envoys are slowly moving towards the Ogure tribe, the northern countries and even the Typhon Empire. diffusion.

2021年5月16日 By xashenghuo

Magic technology broke the barriers built by the old production order and liberated the productive forces in large quantities from the land. What followed was the prosperity of commerce and the circulation of “people”, and all this brought cultural influence. Communication and the inevitable 西安桑拿夜网impact on relations between nations. The originally remote and unfamiliar country will fade away with the infusion of commodities, and the strangers who appear with the commodities will further broaden people’s horizons-whether people like it or not, country and country, race and race, civilization and The barriers between civilizations are being impacted, and the situation that once seemed to be beautiful and peaceful but isolated and closed in pastoral style is being challenged.
The civilians in the hinterland of Cecil have also begun to come into contact with gray elves, red valley people, dwarves, orcs and even goblins, and more and more humans are appearing in the hometowns of these races. Of course, all of this is just At the beginning, the communication only occurred in a small area,西安品茶网 but there is no doubt that this is the situation that 西安夜桑拿网 Gao Wen hopes to see.
If possible, he hopes that such a period of steady development can last longer.
A soft knock on the door suddenly came from the door of the study, interrupting Gawain’s reverie. He heard Betty’s voice coming from outside the door: “Your Majesty! There are visitors!”
Compared with a few years ago, the little maid Nowadays, her voice seems mature and calm, but it is only her voice that is mature and calm. When using words and sentences, Betty still has a sense of carelessn