gift to our Emperor,” Duke Franklin nodded and ordered his attendants to put away the gift. “When the roads are clear in the coming spring, we will establish permanent embassies and send ambassadors to each other. I must I will invite you to our imperial capital. You will love the prosperous business atmosphere there.”

2021年5月17日 By xashenghuo

“I look forward to it.” Wenna the Grey Elf smiled and nodded lightly, then asked, “In addition, our king wants to confirm one. What is the matter, when will the second batch of textiles and alchemy agents be available? In the plains, the shortage of these two commodities is very large.”
“We can supply large quantities of alchemy agents at any time. Alchemy factories have been built in the west. “Feng Textiles” Baldwin Franklin squeezed his chin in some embarrassment. “As you know, it takes a long transportation process. The last batch of samples was transported from the east to the west through the Baishui River and the land fleet. But now the bulk transportation of the Baishui River has been temporarily interrupted due to seasonal changes, and the railway required by the Magic Train will not be 西安夜生活论坛 completed this year.
“Of course, even so, we can still supply a small amount of textiles, which can at least partially solve the gap. “A
sufficient supply of alchemical potions has solved half of the problem,” Wenna said with a smile, “As for textiles, we understand your difficulties. It is extremely difficult to think about transporting bulk goods from the east to the west. ”
Speaking of this, the chief of the Grey Elf tribe paused suddenly, and then changed the subject naturally: “In addition, since you mentioned’Magic Train’ just now, I have heard this weird term several times recently. Can you tell me about it in detail? The
corners of Baldwin’s mouth turned up slightly, and he leaned over his body while gently rubbing his fingers: “Oh? Are you interested in it? “It is
possible to quickly transport a huge amount of goods 西安夜桑拿论坛 across the empire, 西安夜网论坛 and the cost sounds very low. I don’