face: “A northern Duke has crossed half of the country to visit another frontier grand prince in person, and this is probably only called a personal nature in the eyes of the kingdom’s civil war. “

2021年5月24日 By xashenghuo

Do you want to agree?” Heidi looked into Gawain’s eyes. “Rejecting the Duke of the North may irritate the royal family even more, making them more vigilant and resistant to the South, but if they agree, the Duke of the North will enter the Rock Fortress. “There is
nothing to refuse,” Gawain replied casually, “We are only using the Rock Fortress to block the troubles in the north, and we are not trying to completely seal off the southern border-the 西安足浴spa Wilde girl has inherited some of the qualities of her ancestors.” , I’m happy to talk to her.”
Hearing the words “inherited some of the qualities of the ancestors”, Heidi couldn’t help but glance at Rebecca, who was sitting on the other side of her—the girl was lowering her head. Vigorously competing with a piece of steak, brandishing a knife and fork as if he was facing a murderous father and an enemy, seeing Heidi sighed insignificantly, and then closed his gaze back: “Okay, I’ll let Valder Fortress The commander replied to the messenger. But there is one more thing that might be more sensitive.”
Heidi showed a look of embarrassment: “The living saint of the Northern Light Church, Saint Princess Veronica? She also sent a letter from Moen, wanting to visit the South, the time is almost the same as the visit of Duke 西安耍耍论坛 Victoria Wilde.” She
was sitting across the table studying how to spread the creamy amber when she heard this, she raised her head. With a face full of surprise: “Come here to smash the place? Because we smashed their place in Lu’an City? Did you find the door so soon?”
If it were in the past, Heidi would be quite dissatisfied with Kohaku’s behavior of suddenly interjecting and using rude words when talking with her ancestors. If not, she would rub an ice arrow on the spot and hit some side behind him. The wall was on t