at Tongtong and the others have indeed caused a big trouble to the shadow.” Chen Ge motioned to Xiaobu and Fan Cong to attack with all his strength and chase after the shadow.

2021年5月27日 By xashenghuo

Soon, a strange scene appeared on the streets of Liwan Town.
As the shadow of the black hand behind the scenes, he was chased by a living person carrying a bag, followed by a red-clothed lunatic, and at the end were a panting fat man and a little girl with no arms or legs.
Shadow was anxious about Minglou’s affairs, and he couldn’t take care of Chen Ge at this time. It seemed that Chen Ge took the initiative to chase him everywhere.
Minglou is in the Mingyang community outside of Liwan Town. When Chen Ge walked to the edge of Liwan Town, he could clearly feel that the blood mist had become dense.
“The blood fog outside the town seems a little different from the fog in the town. There seems to be something more inside.” To feel it with heart, it seems that someone is calling Chen Ge’s name in the 西安夜生活论坛 west, and New Century Paradise is roughly in that direction.
The shadow did not give Chen Ge more time to think. He crossed the road without people and rammed into the community.
The blood mist covered his figure, and the shadow disappeared before Chen Ge’s eyes.
The shadow was gone, but Doctor Gao was still chasing behind Chen Ge. He had to find a way to divert Doctor Gao’s attention.
Chen Ge looked back and found that one of Dr. Gao’s eyes had turned black and red, and countless black silk threads and blood threads were entangled together, and then turned into black and gray blood and flowed out.
“The state that Doctor Gao gave is getting more and more wrong. Xiaobu once said that a ghost will be assimilated after an excessive amount of curse. The more powerful the ghost, the more terrifying the curse it will become! If Doctor Gao is assimilated by the ghost! , What kind of 西安耍耍论坛 curse will this ghost who is closest to the red shirt become?”
“Don’t wait to drag it down!” Chen Ge reached into his backpack and shouted Yan