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2021年5月29日 By xashenghuo

After listening to Doctor Gao’s words, Chen Ge hesitated. He didn’t expect Doctor Gao to come here because of this. It is estimated that the treatment of Wang Xin yesterday caused a great impact on this senior psychologist, so he made such a request.
But the truth of the matter was only that Chen Ge knew himself. He was able to open Wang Xin’s heart because he learned about Wang Xin’s past through Bi Xian, and because Bi Xian took the initiative to come forward, it worked in one fell swoop. This type of treatment cannot be replicated and is unique.
“Is it difficult?” Doctor Gao saw that Chen Ge was hesitating: “If it is troublesome, I just came here with the mentality to give it a try. It’s just that this child is very talented. If he is 西安足浴spa treated with medicine, he will be able to do so. It will cause great side effects on the mind and body. I am worried that it will ruin his future.”
“It is a bit difficult, but it is not completely impossible. If you want me to help, at least let me ask him about his basic situation.” Chen Ge did not directly refuse. One of Doctor 西安夜网论坛 Gao and Men Nan is a special tourist, and every special tourist is a hidden “wealth” that must be taken care of.
“I will thank you for this child first.” A smile appeared on Doctor Gao’s face and he called Men Nan over: “Men Nan, tell me everything that hurts you.” The
young man lowered his head and he didn’t care about it. Everyone keeps his head down, as if something is pressed on top of his head.
Seeing the young man’s silence, Dr. Gao sighed softly and spoke on behalf of Men Nan: “Three weeks ago, this child suddenly came to me and said that he suspected that he had depression. We are professionals ourselves. After a diagnosis in the afternoon, it was discovered that his symptoms were different from ordinary depression, only excessive fatigue and anxiety. I didn’t care much at the time, but then Men Nan’s condition 西安洗浴网 became more and more serious, and he often didn’t talk about it all day. In a word, a litt