of Qinghu City? I am here to commit a necromancer. I come from the ancient city of Yunxiao. There may be residents of the late sun and moon in the ancient city. Can the City Lord of Qinghu fight one to force him to return? “In the

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distance, the City Lord Qinghu of Yunxiao Ancient City almost scolded his mother!
screw you!
Do you think I’m crazy just like you?
I fight a resident of the late sun and moon, and then I wait to be killed by the necromancer?
I’m not you, you can restrain each other.
screw you!
Xia Longwu, the bastard, didn’t fulfill the promise, even if he proved it, there is still 西安耍耍论坛 hope to fulfill it. Now Su Yu, the bastard, is letting her die.
Su Yu quickly said: “It may not be dead. Killing the opponent and drawing out this undead spirit. He must come out and get back. This is the rule. As long as the city lord leaves the ancient city, he can do nothing about the city lord.”
“City lord Su joked! ”
Qinghu directly replied: “Out of the city? Outside the city, dozens of invincibles exist!”
“The city lord can return the ancient city to the original place and go to the Yuhai Plain. These people will not chase it.”
“What if they chase it? ”
City Master Qinghu doesn’t bother to care about him, go to hell you!
Su Yu cursed secretly, and quickly said to Xinghong: “My lord, can you tell Master Yunxiao, Qinghu may want to leave the identity of the city lord, I would like to take the post of the city lord of the ancient city of Yunxiao. With me, Master Yunxiao 西安桑拿夜网 can be free. As for City Master Qinghu, I can help her if she wants to leave the identity of the Lord of the Ancient City. Otherwise, I think it’s not that simple to leave, right?”
Xing Hong looked at him strangely, it was in line with the rules, and he didn’t say anything. what.
Soon, the sound transmission said: “Yunxiao, Su Yu is willing to succeed Qinghu and take charge of the ancient city of Yunxiao. The price is that Qinghu kills a resident of the late sun and moon and takes that guy away!” The
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