at first, and then calmed down instantly, a little strange.

2021年6月4日 By xashenghuo

The sense of crisis is gone!
He looked at the golden dragon. At this moment, the golden dragon was about to run away again.
Qing Jia thought that this Golden Dragon was about to explode with a big move, and was a little more vigilant. The sense of crisis may have been brought by Golden Dragon.
Just thinking about it, over there, Hong Kai’s eyes suddenly showed light, and he shouted: “Be careful!”
Just as he said, a huge hammer, silently, appeared on top of Qing Kai’s head!
There was a sound 西安耍耍网 that only burst in the blue armor sea of ??will, and the sea of ??will was directly shattered by a hammer. Below, a hand suddenly came out and grabbed the leg of the blue armor.
Dragging the blue armor, almost disappeared in the same place in the blink of an eye.
Qing Jia was taken away in an instant. The little golden dragon who was about to flee was suddenly overjoyed, and suddenly a long sword spurted out of his mouth!
Sharp and boundless!
With a chuckle, the long sword directly penetrated an armored warrior. The golden dragon swallowed it in one bite. The red armor’s tail pierced into blood, but he ignored it and left in the blink of an eye. The dragon’s mouth was still holding a sword. The body of the armored warrior quickly began to chew, and soon disappeared without a trace.
As for the red armor, his complexion changed 西安桑拿夜网 again. Without paying attention to the little Golden Dragon, he landed quickly, his armor’s ears quivered, and he shouted: “Chasing!”
Golden Dragon was difficult to deal with, and first caught up with the bastard just now!
Damn, he recognized who had raided his side.
That human race!
He had been hiding nearby. When they were dealing with the Golden Dragon, they raided their own Azure Armor. The Azure Armor was also a strong one. As a result, he was still stunned by the other’s hammer and dragged away.
At this moment, Su Yu, who had fled into the ground, punched and punched, and the arm