ack to cover the door of the house: “Ying Chen will definitely come back, he I heard the knock on the door just now in order to get over as quickly as possible. At that time, the cat’s barking became louder and louder, but the sound of dragging the heavy object stopped. It means that he put down the dragged skirt lady in his hand and chose to come and find me first. He may have gone back to find the key to the lady in the skirt now.”

2021年6月6日 By xashenghuo

“The sound of dragging heavy objects stopped in the corridor on the seventh floor. It only takes about ten seconds for him to go back and forth. I can’t help it at this time. Leaving with Yingtong 西安品茶网 and Amu, he can only stay here.”
Standing up, Chen Ge stumbled towards the living room. He grabbed the edge of the sofa with both hands and desperately moved it to the door.
“Amu, do you see if the sofa is blocking the door of the house?” Chen Ge couldn’t see, so he could only ask Amu to help.
“It’s blocked, but after you blocked it, how did the lady in skirt come in?”
” Did the lady in skirt bring the key when she left?”
“I don’t know, I think I brought it.”
Chen Ge’s heart was chilled by Ah Ming’s words. He blocked the security door with a sofa, and then he found a mop to tilt the door lock.
“You two stay away from the door. Amu, please go and get the phone of the lady in the skirt.”
“Okay.” As
soon as Amu agreed, the meow cries again. To make matters worse, in addition to the meows, there are also meows. The sound of a girl singing in a music box.
“Yingchen and his 西安夜生活论坛 helpers are outside the door!” The
key was inserted into the lock hole, the circlip turned a little bit, and the slight voice caused goose bumps on Chen Ge’s neck.
With a soft sound, the door lock was opened!
But when the opponent tried to push down the doorknob and push the door open, they found that they couldn’t move at all.
The door shook, and Chen Ge stood on the side of the sofa, pressing his body against the sofa.
“Is the lady skirt back?” Ah Mei’s voice trembled because the p