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2021年6月8日 By xashenghuo

news comes from this one.
The 西安洗浴网 news about Wandaoshi is naturally true, and the emperor will naturally believe his words.
Therefore, King Dou did a lot of effort on this trip to the gate of the earth. He did not provide information about the Wandaoshi. Su Yu and the others may not enter the gate of the earth, because the purpose of this visit is mainly to restore the wounds of the Emperor. !
“Douwang, Prison King, Jitian, Renzu, Baizhan, Yu, Yanhuo, Dimen”
a personal name appeared in his mind.
No, maybe I have to add a shocking collaboration with Renzu back then!
But at this moment, among the five sages of the human family, the Great Sage of Evil Heaven is a little impatient, and said lightly: “Su Yu,
have you finished recounting the past?” What are you delaying?
It doesn’t make any sense!
“Wait a minute!”
Su Yu was lost in thought.
He has a line in series, please don’t interfere with me.
He looked at 西安夜网论坛 the gate of the earth abruptly, and suddenly said: “Senior of the gate of the earth, you as the gateway, if you don’t give them the arrival of the Eight Great Sages, they won’t be able to come, right?” In the
distance, the gate of the earth was suspended, saying indifferently:” Why don’t you give it? You guys threaten this seat and forcibly attack this seat, so why don’t you let them in?”
With some disdain!
Su Yu nodded, in other words, if you don’t come, they really can’t come!
After all, it came through someone else’s portal.
The gate of the earth is like this, what about that gate?
Therefore, Qiong came through my heavenly gate and I sent Great Sage to the heavenly gate. Can it be blocked at that moment?
Maybe it can!
Why didn’t it stop?
Is Tianmen also greedy?
Not so much!
Because Tianmen felt that killing a great sage would strengthen their strength?
Thoughts 西安夜生活论坛 quickly surfaced!
If the gate is blocked, it is not necessary for the Great Sage to descend. The gate block that day, Qiong and Qingtian, I am afraid they wil