behind you will give you, and I will double it? Or you will take me to see your boss, I don’t Resist, we are not good at fighting and killing in Los Angeles. What if it hurts the residents?” It’s

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just that Luo Lan is not a person who would be willing to catch him at all. While talking, he pulled Zhou Qie at the same time. After he got behind him, he was about to start summoning the heroic spirits to beat the opponent off 西安耍耍论坛 guard.
The two transcendents approached Luo Lan and Zhou Qi without a word. The enchantment was getting colder and colder, and Luo Lan felt that his hands were about to freeze.
However, at the next moment, the sound of ice and snow cracking came, and the four people in the barrier looked up at the same time. They suddenly saw the top of the circular barrier. Someone was hitting with a sniper rifle shot after shot. At the same point.
The dome of the enchantment, like glass, burst out with huge cobweb cracks!
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980 in the evening .
Above the enchantment, the sound of a sniper bullet hit is like a bronze bell ringing overhead.
I have to say that this enchantment is really strong, it hasn’t really broken after 15 or 6 sniper rifle bombardments, and it seems that it can last a long time.
Yang Xiaojin’s shoulder was still painful. Before, too many shots at Zuoyun Mountain caused her shoulder to almost abolish. This injury will 西安夜网论坛 definitely not be healed in a day or two.
But she frowned and bombarded the barrier with shot after shot. With each shot, the black sniper’s huge recoil would make the butt of the gun hit her injured shoulder, even if it was painful.
At this moment, Yang Xiaojin only cared. This time Ren Xiaosu committed a risk, and she was not absent.
The extraordinary person in the enchantment hurriedly used his own energy to fill the bombarded place, but the speed at which he filled it was not as fast as the opponent’s bombardment!
Moreover, the sniper who fired the shot had no intention of giving up, and each shot was accur