voices sounded weird. Like a ghost that can’t be shaken off, like a shadow.

2021年6月20日 By xashenghuo

“I saw you, I know you are hiding here.”
The door of the third compartment was pushed open, and the blood mist in the air became denser, and the toilet became more and more depressing.
Everyone who was irritated by the faint smell of blood, their eye sockets were full of bloodshot eyes, and their excited and warped faces squeezed into the toilet.
“You are about to be caught by us.” The
scar oozes blood. The middle-aged man took the rope he found in the warehouse. His fingers ran across the toilet door and tapped lightly, with graceful movements. He was enjoying the process.
“There is no fourth compartment either. It seems that he is in the last compartment.”
Fingernails rubbed the board, making a sighing noise, and the sound of footsteps stopped at the door of the last compartment.
“Are you here?” The
door lock shook, and the restless heart was beating as well. The bully was already prepared, and the ending was already doomed.
“Locked? I know you are inside! Come out, come out!” The
toilet cubicle door was beaten and swayed 西安洗浴网 constantly. At this time, how helpless the child hiding inside would be, he could only face it alone. Those horrible guys, bear it alone.
“Come out, come out!” The
outside voices are getting louder and louder. The sound of footsteps, shouts, and the sound of beating the door can drive people crazy when they come together.
The old lock could not stand so many people beating, and the compartment door was eventually broken open.
The middle-aged man who rushed to the first grabbed the rope and squeezed in before the compartment door was fully opened.
“Drag him out! Drag him out!”
The people behind yelled, but the middle-aged man didn’t respond. He seemed to have disappeared.
The door panel with the smashed lock of
“Crack” slowly opened, and the ticking sound rang in everyone’s ears.
Fresh blood oozes from under 西安桑拿按摩网 the door panel, a strong smell of blood rushes ove