proceeding in an orderly manner.

2021年5月10日 By xashenghuo

After all, in addition to the empty “magic equipment”, a batch of 西安夜桑拿网 real magic equipment was shipped from the rear. The biggest feature of these equipment is that it is easy to control and easy to form combat effectiveness-ordinary people only need to train three. The fire can be fired right in the sky, and the recruits can barely stand on the city wall after more than ten days of training. At this most critical moment, every time an additional soldier is trained, the security of the border of the empire will be an extra guarantee.
He once lost a fortress, and in his lifetime, he doesn’t want the same thing to happen again.
Beside him, he has been following for many years. He has been with him since the Rock Fortress period. The young adjutant who has experienced the Battle of Rock, the Reform of Labor, and the Battle of the Hunting God is also looking at this vast line of defense. The young man’s 西安耍耍网 bronze face seems to have Complex emotions.
After a few minutes of silence, Maryland asked, “Payne, what are you thinking?”
The young adjutant of “General” hesitated, and finally said, “I just suddenly felt a little bit of emotion. The last time he was guarding the fortress, the knight Spirit is still my 西安洗浴网 only creed.”
“The defense of the home and the country is also the spirit of chivalry, and it is a higher spirit of chivalry-we are defending here to protect more people,” Maryland shook his head. “As for the methods used on the battlefield, the times have changed, Payne, I got an epiphany in front of the giant artillery, and you should try it too.”
“What you said makes sense, General.”
The changes in the Changfeng Fortress and its surrounding defenses did not hide from the Typhon scouts. The intelligence was quickly gathered in the command post of Winter Wolf. Andersa Wendell even stood up in surprise when she received the intelligence. The young wolf general did not think of the Cecils at all. Will suddenly build a second line of defense.
Facing the increasi