scene.” Zhao Huo said.

2021年5月12日 By xashenghuo

Ren Suo asked, “You are so sure that the Deputy Director is the Awakened? Mu Yi, what do you think?”
Qiao Muyi, who was sitting opposite them for dinner, glanced at Ren Suo and said slowly, “If the Deputy Director is the Awakened. , Can I have a cyclone quickly?” The
others were taken aback and realized that Qiao Muyi said that they hadn’t even discussed the cyclone and discussed other practitioners, and obediently stopped talking and eating.
Only Ren Suo was happy-he 西安桑拿夜网 called her Mu Yi directly, and Qiao Muyi responded!
Now his and Qiao Muyi’s favorability is at least not at the level of strangers, right?
Okay, it should be possible to ask her to come to sleep in the grove, right?
“It’s getting colder.” In the
Taidamia Mountains, a group of mountaineering tour groups sitting in off-road vehicles are looking around. Sitting in the back row, the girl wearing only a shirt and jacket shivered, took out the down jacket and quickly put it on.
“The altitude is almost 4000 meters now,” said the federal leader who led the group: “The more you go up, the lower the temperature. Everyone pays attention to keeping warm. Every year there are people who freeze to death.”
“We have already left .” In the wooded area of ??Teldamia, in 10 hours we will reach the gate of the sacred mountain Hyjal Peak-西安耍耍网Hyjal Base Camp. If you have any discomfort, please tell me immediately. ”
The girl suddenly interrupted the Federation: “That, From Grace to the base camp, you can only take a car through the mountain road, right?”
“Of course.” The Federalist said: “The city of Grace is the closest city to the northern slope of Mount Hyjal. The plane can carry you here and then pass. The car reaches the gate of Hyjal. This mountain road is also the only mountain road where you can drive. Even the Kamians who live at the foot of Mount Hyjal reach the gate of Hyjal by car.”
“That person is” following
the girl. At her fingertips, everyone looked at the mountain on the left