nally collapsed when she saw the future she was looking forward to.

2021年5月13日 By xashenghuo

She is very young and has never been anywhere. She only knows three places in her life: home, college, and hospital.
She didn’t want to do much, only three things: sunbathing with him, raising other cats with him, and giving birth to cubs with him.
She doesn’t even know how humans give birth. Although Xiao Yuyu has been in the same bed with male humans, Xiao Yuyu is not in good health, so they both slept quietly on the bed.
The familiar darkness arrived on schedule, Luna subconsciously tried to reach out her hand to stop it, but the darkness flowed through her hand, slowly and irresistibly eroding the three 西安夜桑拿论坛 images.
Luna sat on the ground feebly, biting her lower lip, tears streaming down her eyes, watching the darkness spread, and finally closing her eyes and burying her head between her legs, hugging her legs, and whispered in a choked voice: “I really can’t help it. 西安桑拿按摩网 the ”
” I’m just a hate baths, hate nails, like the sun, like your little cat, ”
” so, even if I became a man, are not eligible to dream of it? ”
Luna looked up and saw the darkness has Most of the three pictures were eroded, and the memory space was pitch black, leaving only a small amount of light.
Luna blinked, twitched her red nose, took a deep breath, revealed a smile, and whispered:
“I have nothing.”
“You get a miracle, look to the future”
“Look to the future: your reaction speed increases 400%.”
Inside the Silver Moon Crystal, the monster also knew that it had reached a dead end, and stopped running away, launching a final fierce blow to Luna.
Luna had no sorrow or joy, and walked behind the monster like clouds and flowing water. While the monster was still in the air, she sent out thirty-three “eclipses” one after 西安夜网论坛 another.
The sharp lunar eclipse light completely penetrated the monster’s body up and down. Its withered body broke into countless pieces, the mask on its head was shattered, the tentacles that formed the head were destroye