just don’t understand the principle of this thing. After all, it looks completely different from the “immersion pod” we saw in the advertisement before.”

2021年5月15日 By xashenghuo

“Of course it is different. You forget how the installer is. Did you say that?
They are’special’ -from the overall structure to the connection method of the nerve cord. Otherwise, with your body size, how big an’immersion cabin’ would we need to lie in?” Amone thought After thinking about it, his voice said in a low voice: “What you said makes sense-but I still want to figure out how this thing is connected to the magic net terminal.” As
he said, he continued to stare at the hemisphere device in front 西安桑拿夜网 of him- —Its size is smaller than the large magic net terminal. The main structure is a hemispherical magic instrument with a diameter of about two or three meters. Its 西安洗浴网 silver-white shell radiates more than ten arcs around the apex. The metal structure is full of runes and crystals, and there is an artificial nerve cord that looks like a spine extending from the bottom of the hemisphere and connected to the edge of a disc-shaped base. The whole device is next to the one that belongs to him. The magic net terminal is connected by a rune drag chain between the two.
At this moment, the device is in a standby state, and the inside of the hemispherical structure is quiet, only the runes and magic pulses on the surface are surging slowly like breathing.
This device was just shipped to the Rebellious Yard today. It was shipped with another set of exactly the same device and a large magic net terminal. It was something that Gawain Cecil promised to give to the goddess of magic. .
It is said that this device 西安足浴spa can allow “gods” who do not have the neural structure of mortals to be connected to the neural network. What kind of mental impulse direct connection technology is used. Amorn doesn’t understand this weird name. He only knows this technology. It was created by the mortal named Carmel-which is very reasonable, because that Carmel also has no bod