avernkeeper reminded him that he could customize his characters, he immediately remembered “My life is not your game”.

2021年5月17日 By xashenghuo

That was just over two months ago, Ren Suoke hasn’t forgotten it yet!
In order to avoid becoming a rebel again, Ren Suo will of course do everything possible to create a custom character, which undoubtedly can completely eliminate the possibility of playing dirty routines on game consoles.
“Wait.” Ren Suo carefully looked at the figure in Yue Huali: “This time the default character is a female?”
“In other words, if the protagonist is a female, then I don’t have to create a character, right?”
After all, he is not a female, and it is determined 西安洗浴网 from the chromosome that he cannot be the protagonist.
But the protagonist is a woman, is it safe for you?
Ren Suo thought about it again and again and decided to create a custom character and 西安桑拿夜网 spend some feats to buy a safe insurance, otherwise he would not dare to cruel the game character.
When it comes to the character creation interface, Ren Suo naturally chooses the female sex role this time. Although he has worked very hard, there are more and more male characters in his account: Immortal Palace Killer, World Devouring Spirit, Magician, Ren Han, Zhao Zili, and Secret Explorer. Recently, there has been a black coffin demon king, and tm is male.
Then set the appearance, Ren Suo thought for a while, decided to get a Western beauty with super beautiful sky blue hair and dark green eyes. The disaster girl is an Oriental beauty girl, and the collector is an Oriental beauty cook. Now it is the turn of a Western beauty girl.
Not long after, a girl with white skin, firm eyes, and a hot body appeared on the screen with her hair 西安耍耍网 color as clear as the sky blue, tied with a tall single ponytail.
“Just use the name of the ancient Roman goddess of the moon, luna.” Ren Suo searched the Internet and found a name randomly. Anyway, it is not an online game. Even if Ren Suo named it as “your father” Inflict a mental blow on the enemy.