upulously, the most important reason was that they were sure that their plane was very safe!

2021年5月18日 By xashenghuo

The entire Didra 西安足浴spa plane is shrouded in a layer of time and space barriers. This is the city wall built by the Sixteen Lords for countless years, and is the pride of Didra. Because of the existence of this space-time enchantment, it is almost impossible for other planes to invade Didra in turn, and Didra will always be invincible.
But at the same time, this time-space enchantment also restricts the Didra people from crossing the plane, so when Didra warriors cross the plane, they almost always have to pass through a specific place, such as the spider silk bed of the Rift Valley Fortress. .
During the bayonet operation, the fortress commander opened the space-time barrier of the spider silk bed to allow the soldiers to pass through.
And there are only five places in the Didra plane that can open the time and space barriers, and that is the five 西安洗浴网 major war zones!
Therefore, if the three of Ren Suo want to go back, they must pass through the five major war zones before they can leave through the loopholes in the time-space enchantment!
“Of course, if you can win Balgruuf, you don’t have to go to the Five Great War Zones at that time. Instead, you give an order to open the time and space barriers in the Five Great War Zones, and then Didela can go directly anywhere.”
Lorifis said: “According to the record of the most recent plane invasion, as long as the space-time enchantment is opened at the same time in the five major war zones, then the loopholes in the space-time enchantment will not be limited to those five locations, and all places in the plane will become free to enter and exit. Sieve.”
“However, this is very risky. Crossing in unstable areas may cause danger. 西安夜桑拿网 According to the information I found, the death rate is about 33%. One out of every three people who cross randomly is torn apart by the turbulence of time and space. . ” ”
No matter how you choose, you must solve all Baergufu goal. “