2021年5月21日 By xashenghuo

Although Ren Xingmei is already awakened, her awakening spell is a passive type, and the intuitive effect is to strengthen her thinking ability, which means “thousands of miles in a day.” But now it seems that the “thinking enhancement” embodied by Ren Xingmei’s awakening 西安夜网论坛 spell is essentially a “thinking time acceleration”?
Ren Suo once tried to use “Return of the Devil” to enhance “A Thousand Miles in One Day” when playing games. He felt that he could think of more details and understand what he didn’t understand before. He thought that his savvy had increased, but could it be that he just thought about it and didn’t understand it, and then thought about it thousands of times in a short period of time, so he understood everything?
Fools have a lot of thoughts, and they have something to do?
But these are irrelevant now.
“How long do we have?” Dong Chengling asked calmly.
“There are about 200 seconds left.” Ren Suo turned his head and looked at Zhao Zili: “Can you let the three gods intercept the space traversal?”
Zhao Zili said: “I suggest you find someone else to think of a solution, but it’s 西安洗浴网 probably useless. No matter what. It is a seeker, Ren Han is still the Monkey King, their spatial attainments will not exceed the current level of aura spells. But the opponent’s space technology that can transport people back to their own plane through the plane can also carry out plane wars. , The anchor positioning surface is obviously several levels beyond our aura spell level.”
“We are very strong, but not omnipotent. And Ren Suo, should you have another solution?”
Ren Suo was startled slightly. He frowned and sighed.
Dong Chengling suddenly asked softly: “Xingmei, do you trust Teacher Dong?”
Ren Xingmei was taken aback, and immediately replied: “I trust Teacher Dong.”
“Okay.” Dong Chengling said, “So, if we wait. I was really captured by the enemy. I will immediately judge whether there is a possibility of escape, and then I will find a way to rescue Xingmei and send it bac