hake the pot after the game.

2021年5月24日 By xashenghuo

In the second quarter of the game, the Raptors replaced the bench, and the defensive quality dropped slightly. Iverson took the opportunity to bully Nash and scored a lot of fairy goals for the 76ers.
But looking back, Joe Smith, who was madly playing the pick-and-roll with Nash, made it a joy to play.
To be reasonable, that is, the current Joe Smith does not know that there will be a person like Stoudemire in the future.
Otherwise, he will definitely sigh:西安夜网论坛 So
, is this the output environment of Xiaobawang?
Except for Joe Smith, who played like a god of war in the second quarter, in
order to restore the wrong three views of his two sons, tonight’s old Curry explained it with practical actions:
Curry and his father , That’s Curry’s father.
But this time, the 76ers can’t stand it.
Because after the Raptors also cast their outside line, facing the restraint brought by Su Feng’s attack, the 76ers’ bench lineup could not stop the Raptors from attacking after another.
And conversely, as Iverson’s physical fitness declined, the 76ers’ offense stalled again.
“If Iverson continues to fight like this, he will have to be exhausted tonight.
Because the Raptors are getting smaller and smaller now, even Nash is about to become a center.” CCTV, Director Zhang, exaggerated.
“This is the 西安耍耍网 so-called incompetence of the three armies.
I remember that Director Zhang once taught our basketball enthusiasts to popularize science before. There is a close connection between three-pointers and breakthroughs. “On the side, Director Sun said. In the
new season, after Su Feng left the team, the 76ers averaged only about 7 three-pointers per game. To be fair
, with this number of three-pointers, this 76ers’ perimeter is very important. For the Raptors, there is no threat at all.
In contrast, the Raptors, who are averaging nearly 20 three-pointers per game in the new season, are able to play offensive basketball in this era because of their offensive aspects. Always