2021年5月31日 By xashenghuo

As soon as Cangshan Ming didn’t react, he didn’t know what to do!
Damn, how could this be?
He had just negotiated a dozen dead souls, but now four or five of them have been killed all at once.
This time, Su Yu looked back and hit Tianhe the Necromancer, which was really beyond everyone’s expectations.
Everyone thought that he would guard against it, but never thought that he didn’t guard against it, but directly led people in!
At 西安耍耍网 this moment, behind Su Yu, a few people followed.
Su Yu casually threw a necromantic mark, and said in a low voice: “Hetu, eat it!”
Hetu just went to report the letter and called the old tortoise, not much to say at the moment, it is the mark of the necromancer that Su Yu just killed, eat!
He is a necromancer, he doesn’t 西安足浴spa need to be the same as the guard, he has to go to the Xingyu Mansion to kill.
Hetu swallowed those things, and his breath became stronger.
And Su Yu, with a look in his eyes, a stroke was pointed towards the void again, boom!
Deep in the river bottom, a dead spirit spit out black blood, without saying a word or showing up, instantly retracted all the power of the great road, his breath declined in the blink of an eye, regardless of those, hurriedly escaped from the river!
too frightening!
But in front of Su Yu’s eyes, the power of the great road connected by the other party disappeared.
That person, at most, can only explode the power of the sun and the moon, and he can’t use the power of the great avenue if he has a bit of eternal power to his death.
Tianmen is the best weapon to deal with these hidden powerhouses!
hide? 西安洗浴网
Where to hide!
Unless you don’t use the power of rules!
Farther away, the old tortoise confronted the Cangshan Ming, and he actually fought with a sound and color. He was also a peerless powerhouse, perhaps also a heavenly king.
Regardless of Su Yu, it is not surprising that there is a heavenly king.
He doesn’t care about so much now. It’s trouble to gather these guys together. Taking advantag