uses didn’t run!

2021年6月2日 By xashenghuo

The Floating Earth Spirit wanted to kill the bastard Su Yu, what 西安夜网论坛 about the alliance?
So to allies?
Almost killed!
Too dangerous!
And Su Yu, beheading an invincible, sneered, “Liu Wushen, you go to the north to help, see if I cut these wastes!” The
five invincibles can’t care about those people!
They also have no reason to help others to entangle strong enemies, not to mention that Su Yu is too strong, and they feel difficult to deal with Su Yu!
A few people in Zhou Potian fled without saying a word. Qin Zhen wanted to say a few more words. If Liu Wushen grabbed him and ran away, you were all alone. Don’t wait to die!
“If the Holy Lord Nine-Leaf Tianlian still has it, you can lend me two petals”
Qin Zhen said. He thought, Su Yu used nine-leaf Tianlian to feed Maoqiu. So many, lend me two petals. You should borrow two. ?
I’m still saved!
Su Yu ignored it.
Who has this thing about Nine-leaf 西安桑拿按摩网 Tianlian?
If you don’t die, just be a bachelor!
And at this moment, the five invincibles surrounded him, each with a solemn expression. Needless to say, on the human realm, Su Yu is the rest. This guy is indeed terrifying!
Before, they felt that the outside world was exaggerating. They only knew about 西安夜桑拿网 Su Yu from the intelligence. They really met at this moment, and then they realized that they didn’t exaggerate at all, but underestimated this person!
Su Yu shouted violently, there was nothing to say, only to kill!
If you kill them all, you still have to save people!
ps: Don’t tell me which day this plot will be finished, thank you, don’t think I will explain it, ha ha!
Chapter 628: The Fall of He Dao! (For subscription) In
Renmin, Su Yu knew that even if some people would die, he should be able to solve the problem.
But outside of the human environment?
Too many strong people!
At this moment, he didn’t have time to think about this. King Da Zhou and King Da Qin started this battle. This time Su Yu was just passively fighting. This time it was n