2021年6月4日 By xashenghuo

Everyone knew the truth. They all breathed in. They were so courageous.
Of course, this Shura envoy was treacherous enough, grasping this handle, and resolved the two major forces that had been facing each other for several months, after all, they won the two forbidden grounds and won the Liufang Mountain!
At this moment, in this gathering place, a first-class strong man looked over there and sighed: “It’s really strong at 6 people and 16 roads. This, hey, the forbidden land can’t be offended!” The
sigh is extremely sigh!
No matter how strong the casual cultivator is, what about?
You see, this six-party mountain is extremely powerful, and it is backed by the forbidden ground. Isn’t it still calculated?
I am afraid that this black tomb will not curse the owner of the forbidden land for no reason. I am afraid that 西安桑拿按摩网 it is also forced to be anxious. This time is good, it is over. Even Tianqiong Mountain can’t intercede, otherwise, the majesty of the forbidden land will be gone!
And at this moment, Shura made a cold and stern voice: “Following the six-party mountain, there is no respect for the crime, and the sin is unforgivable! All parties are free to meditate, take a warning! I fell in the valley of souls, and executed them personally today outside the valley. People, all parties can come and observe! Kill some arrogant fanatics, and let everyone know that the forbidden area cannot be offended!”
Some people are shy, but some want to flatter, some people cautiously said: “Sura Sir, can we go to watch the punishment?”
“Anyone can!” The
Shura envoy sneered: “Today, I am in the Valley of Souls, the six soul seekers, and executed these people personally! All of them can come to watch the punishment!”
Everyone was excited, and someone followed directly.
at the same time.
Fallen Soul Valley.
A huge valley, surrounded by gentle peaks, but the valley is huge and boundless.
At this moment, in a hall, someone laughed and said: “This guy, the black tomb was 西安夜桑拿论坛 probably pi