octors and professional criminal investigators have checked the clay sculpture and found no clues. Since this is the case, it is better to return it to Yingtong. Strive to get Yingtong’s favor.

2021年6月8日 By xashenghuo

“Thank you.” Chen Ge took the doll: “Brother Zheng, can you let me and Ying Tong be alone?”
“You have a lot of things. I found that people 西安耍耍论坛 who came to the police station wanted to leave early. You just came. Don’t want to go, really treat this as your own home?” Li Zheng still walked out on his own.
“This uncle is a knife mouth tofu heart. He looks very strict, but he is actually very nice.” Chen Ge held the clay sculpture, his pupils gradually narrowed, and his voice gradually lowered: “Ying Tong, tell the truth, Ms. Skirt, Mr. Mu, Wu Are all the aunts in this clay sculpture?”
Chen Ge discovered that something was wrong when he saw the clay sculpture. The curse on it was entangled, and it continued to torment several Cannian thoughts.
Yingtong said after a long while: “There is also Miss Hong.”
“Miss Hong?” Chen Ge nodded, “Do you want to return the clay sculpture to protect them?”
“Ying Tong, this clay sculpture is like a room in which you are imprisoned. 西安桑拿夜网 Their souls are imprisoned in it and endured all day long. Are you willing to let them continue like this?”
“Then I will release them 西安足浴spa all,” Help them fulfill their last wish.” Under Ying Tong’s incomprehensible gaze, Chen Ge placed the clay sculpture on his shadow.
The black silk threads that symbolized the curse began to break, the temperature in the exhibit room plummeted, and three cold winds blew through Chen Ge’s body and stayed beside Ying Tong.
Using the female pupil, Chen Ge could see clearly that they were the cleaners, Aunt Wu, Mr. Mu, and Ms. Skirt. The picture in front of him was a bit horrible. All three of them retained their dying appearance.
“It seems that the clay sculpture of the dead child suppressed their three remnants.” Chen Ge was thinking, a harsh cat cry sounded, and as cracks began to appear on