corridor. You live in the faculty apartment. Do you know how to open the door.” Chen Ge looked calm, as if at all Without seeing the scary change on the little girl’s face when she was angry, she touched the other person’s head affectionately.

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“My dad seems to have a spare key. It’s in the bedroom drawer. I’ll check it out.” The cyan blood vessels on the little girl’s neck slowly disappeared, and she returned to the way she was just now, just holding Chen Ge’s hand very hard.
The girl took Chen Ge’s hand and came to the bedroom door. When she was about to push the door, she suddenly hesitated. She seemed to be worried that something inside the door would be seen by Chen Ge: “You are waiting here, I will come out in a while. Don’t run around!”
Pushing the bedroom door open a gap, the girl hurriedly ran into it, and then closed the door 西安足浴spa again.
“Xiao Lin! A rare opportunity! Go!” Wang Xiaoming ran over and 西安耍耍论坛 grabbed Chen Ge’s wrist directly: “She is Teacher Bai’s daughter, and Teacher Bai will definitely come back later! If we are caught by him, it will be over!
” Our looks have been seen by the girl. Even if we ran away, she would tell her father about this. The most important thing was that we lied to her. She would definitely add fuel and jealousy.” Chen Ge stood there and didn’t move. He found this school. The people here seem to like to grab other people’s arms, and it feels like they are fighting for themselves.
“I can’t control that much! Run first!” Wang Xiaoming saw Chen Ge still standing at the door, sweating on his forehead anxiously: “Xiao Lin, you heard that just now, Teacher Bai once brought back some big dogs to Bai Ling! ”
I know.”
“Before, there were students who disappeared strangely after being locked up in the confinement 西安桑拿夜网 room. Teacher Bai sent them in at that time!”
The extra student in Chapter 771 (second more)
Wang Xiaoming actually wanted to express the meaning. It is very clear that the big dog mentioned by the little girl just now is not a dog at all, but