nded through the Quartet, the main Necro frown, look to the crowd, look at the mountain immortalized direction, coldly:” this seat hate being when the gun! “

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and King Wen faintly smiled and said, “My family, I remember where the gun Su Yu came from. There is also Su Yu in Ten Thousand Realms. He is the descendant of Xingyu, Su Yu. Did you forget that they are all a family?”
Su Yu looked ugly and said faintly: “Wen Wang, why bother! If you want to help, we will naturally help you. No matter how you don’t want you, it will only be disgusting. You are a wise man, why make me hate you in the world?
” 西安桑拿按摩网 Hahaha, hope it won’t be so!”
Wen Wang’s voice dissipated!
At this time, Su Yu looked at the Lords of the Forbidden Land on the opposite side, and smiled faintly: “A few people who are disrupting our plan today, do you have anything to say?”
What do you mean?
Su Yu faintly said: “Repealing my necrotic hell, repelling me necrotic hell, the strong, you weak are always jealous, repelling, and even want to kill, we are like this, so is Tianqiong Mountain!” In the
crowd, Dragon
Yu Longzu said coldly: “What do you want to say?” Su Yu said lightly: “I don’t want to say anything! Pay the price, otherwise no one will think about living well!” The
Everyone laughed angrily. How many forbidden land masters have you killed, and we have to pay the price?
“Su Yu, do you really think the necromantic hell is invincible?”
Su Yu was energetic, coldly, and took a step forward: “Only we can resurrect, and we can join hands. You people, there may be others. Death! Who wants to die? The rabbit bites when I 西安夜桑拿网 am in a hurry. I really feel like I am a necromantic hell?”
Su Yu said coldly: “Now, my grandfather is no longer alone to resist you! I think, the real battle will start. He will also help us!”
The indifferent voice of the Tianqiong Mountain Lord came: “It has nothing to do with me!”
Su Yu looked over there, calmly said: “I am the Tianqiong Mountain Guest Qing, if I die, Jiankong will die, a