mmunicate with Your Majesty?”

2021年6月20日 By xashenghuo

“Not for the time being, through a third party!”
Su Yu smiled and said: “No hurry, sooner or later, since you can barely contact, then the official contact will be soon! I think King Wen is also anxious!”
西安夜网论坛Shu Ling quickly said: “Okay, your Majesty said when you need it, I will immediately Bring the power of heaven and earth into your majesty’s heavenly gate!”
Shu Ling was also a little solemn at the moment, “Is the little master okay?”
This Su Yu is not clear, but still smiles: “Very good, King Wu is alive and well, not to mention Time Master! Let
not talk about this, the King Wen has given me a lot of power of rules, I want to go to my world to blend in.” “Your Majesty, please!” Su Yu also stopped saying, disappearing quickly and returning to his own world.
After a while.
Su Yu returned, regardless of Tong Tianhou and King Da Zhou who ran back frantically behind him, he was extremely excited, and integrated the force of rules into his own world.
Su Yu also took charge of the power of some rules.
But at this moment, when 西安足浴spa it comes to integration, there is something different.
For example, Su Yu integrated into the power of thunder, and in his world, there is already the power of thunder, and he was previously in charge of Princess Qi.
At this moment, the power of thunder is probably third-class weak.
This is in her own world, Princess Qi can barely exert such strength.
But in fact, after going out, it was far worse.
From Su Yu’s side, the power of thunder sent by King Wen gave Su Yu the feeling of at most five levels, but when this power was integrated into the power of thunder, suddenly there was a sense of harmony between yin and yang.
The power of the domineering thunder suddenly softened a bit, but this is only for the person in charge, if it really breaks out, it will be stronger.
The fifth-class thunder power was integrated into it, and 西安夜桑拿论坛 suddenly, this third-class weak thunder power, as if taking hormones, grew crazily, and sud