ng at the door, the black vest young man who was responsible for sending the medical examination sheet stood up lazily, pointed at Mo Zhaolong and said, “Stop.”

2021年5月10日 By xashenghuo

“Stop your mother .” ――”
Mo Zhaolong raised his fist and rushed over.
The young man in the black vest first hooked his finger in the direction of the door, and suddenly the two iron doors creaked and quickly closed. He didn’t see any acceleration, but he slammed into Mo Zhaolong’s arms and flew the latter several meters away!
Looking at it, I felt that the five internal organs were about to be transposed, and Mo Zhaolong was knocked down to the ground and couldn’t get up even more. The other black vests immediately rushed over to suppress him.
“You forced me!”
Mo Zhaolong cursed, and then the big guy in the black vest on his 西安品茶网 body didn’t know what was going on, and they all fell unconscious. Not only that, even the people who were a little closer to him fell asleep directly, and the crowd onlookers were shocked.
“What disease is so terrifying?” The
crowd went into the health center in an uproar, but Ren Suo stayed on the first floor, hiding behind the pillar, staring at Mo Zhaolong in a daze.
For some reason, Mo Zhaolong also gave him a
heartbeat feeling now.
Chapter 13 key GET!
“Huh?” Seeing this scene, the lazy young man in black vest got a little bit of energy. He quickly took out his mobile phone and swiped. Said: “Your ability”
“On the night of March 1, the middle section of Jiefang North Road.”
“On the night of March 6, Rongfang Alley.”
“On the night of March 19, Langui Street.”
“And last Friday, Dongxiaonan 西安耍耍论坛 Street”
“Should you remember these times and places?”
Mo Zhaolong grabbed his stomach and got up, his face grim: “I don’t 西安夜网论坛 remember, I don’t know.”
“Hey, if it was you If you do, then I will be much more relaxed, otherwise it means that there is another person in Lianjiang City who has the same ability as you.” The young man in