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2021年5月11日 By xashenghuo

After the matter,
embrace tenderly.
Hu Xinyue looked at Jiang Hao, feeling that she couldn’t see enough, she suddenly asked softly, “Lang Jun, don’t you really dislike the Xinyue Fox family status?”
Jiang Hao knew that the little fox still had scruples in her heart and stroked her pretty face. “The female Jiao is the incarnation of a fairy fox, dignified and beautiful, with an elegant nature. Later, he married Dayu, who ruled the water three times without entering the house. The female Jiao took care of the housework and raised his son. Later, his son established the Xia Dynasty. Jiao has also become the first national mother in history.”
“Nvjiao is a family of fairy foxes, who would dare to dislike her?”
“Xianhu was one of the four auspicious aussies in the pre-Qin and Han 西安足浴spa dynasties, alongside dragons, unicorns, and phoenixes. In the portraits, there are often nine-tailed foxes, white rabbits, toads, and blue birds juxtaposed next to the West Queen Mother’s constellation, to show Chen Xiangxiang.”
“You are the little lucky star of Lang Jun, how can Lang Jun be willing to dislike it.”
The little fox was full of joy and happiness when he heard it, with his head resting on Jiang Hao’s chest, smelling the sweat on Lang Jun’s body, feeling a little drunk.
The next day.
Get up early in the morning, and the maid waits for the two to get up.
The two were newly married, and they felt like glue.
Enjoying the scenery in the attic by the lake, Jiang Hao said to the little fox: “I have two servants beside me. I didn’t introduce them to you a few days ago. Now that we are married, we should also let them come out to see the mistress.”
“I didn’t find you. Is there a servant by your side?” Hu Xinyue was very surprised.
Jiang Hao took out the small purple gourd and patted the bottom of the gourd. Two black smoke sprayed from the mouth of the gourd, and instantly turned into two people when 西安夜桑拿网 they fell on the ground.
“Zhu Guang has seen the son.” Z