Where is Jiang Hao now?” the warden asked.

2021年5月12日 By xashenghuo

“In the prison hospital, he has many minor injuries and is undergoing treatment.”
“Is there only a minor injury?” the warden asked in disbelief.
“Yes, there are many bruises on the body, two fists bruised and bleeding.” The subordinate said.
“Fist bruises and bleeding, the fuck is it good to beat people,” he sighed, “I’m sorry, I’m swearing, I hope you don’t mind.”
“It doesn’t matter the warden, I can understand you now. Feeling, in fact, when I saw it, I felt very unbelievable.” The
warden paused, “Well, you can handle it as usual. He will be out of prison for half a month. I hope I won’t cause trouble again during this time. ”
The warden, I think no one would dare to provoke 西安洗浴网 him anymore.”
“Oh, oh, yes, he hit the whole Hongxing alone, and he has a good relationship with Dongxing’s people, who the fuck dare to provoke him. , Oh, sorry, I’m swearing again.”
“Warden, I’m out.”
“Okay, you go.”
Prison hospital.
A young nurse carefully 西安桑拿按摩网 cleaned the wound on Jiang Hao’s fist. From time to time, he secretly looked at Jiang Hao, feeling that his heart was beating for no reason, “This man is really handsome, he looks more handsome with a cold face.”
“Does your hand hurt?” the little nurse asked.
“It doesn’t hurt.”
“The injury is very serious. There are so many lacerations. It must be painful.” The little nurse said.
“I think Hong Xingzai hurts more.” Jiang Hao said lightly.
The little nurse looked at Jiang Hao earnestly with big eyes, and asked in a low voice, “You really hit a hundred by yourself. Now the whole prison has spread. They call you a humanoid tyrannosaurus. Have you practiced Kung Fu? As written in Jin Yong’s novels, there is internal strength or something.”
Really a curious baby.
“No.” Jiang Hao said.
“Impossible, you can’t lie to me. I’m a medical student. 西安夜生活论坛 I can break another person’s arm directly with my hand. That would require a lot of strength. How could it be possible without internal strength.” The little