small “different space warehouse” is opened to store some important items, but scholars have never made clear conclusions about the nature of the Shadow Realm and the reasons for its formation.”

2021年5月15日 By xashenghuo

“This should be what they studied the nature of the Shadow Realm back then. A place,” Amber said, shaking his head, “This pit is a fixed portal built in the past. The Shadow Signet was a tool used by researchers to’open the door’?”
“Perhaps, but I’m even more curious. Why should these studies be carried out in the’rebellious fortress’?” Gawain expressed his 西安夜生活论坛 doubts. “The purpose of this fortress is to find a way out for mankind in the demonic tide. Could it be that the Gondor scholars thought this? One way out is the Shadow Realm?”
Amber blinked his eyes for a moment, and shook his head whirring: “I don’t know. Although I can enter the Shadow Realm, I don’t know if the Shadow Realm will be affected by the demons. the influence ah. ” ”
you can exchange it and Shadow residents? “Gawain looked curiously amber eyes asked.
Amber spread his hand: “If you think that talking to two people in sleep can also be called’communication’, then I can communicate with them.”
“I see.” Gawain shook his head, laughing and crying. “But then again, Shadow What kind of existence are the residents? Do they have their own society? They are the’elemental creatures’ of the Shadow System?”
Many shadow researchers are aware of the existence of the shadow dwellers. Even Gawain Cecil, a man who is not a magician, also knows some secrets about 西安夜网论坛 the shadow dwellers because of extensive knowledge, but as Gao Wen knows. In that way, what everyone knows is only “secrets”. The special creatures of the shadow dwellers, which have a human form but are obviously different from humans, are a mystery to all scholars, due to their powerful offensiveness and the shadow world itself. Strangeness, no one has ever successfully established a communication with the shadow dwellers, and since the shadow dwellers cannot exist for a long tim