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2021年7月22日 By xashenghuo

However, they want to retire, and the Scarlet Team may not be willing to let them go. The team battle was on the verge of being in the wild, and the alchemist rushed into the enemy army alone. Without the high output of Verus, Xiao Tongtong’s alchemist was almost invincible! “Xiao Tongtong, pay attention to […]

ightmare-level mission is really a nightmare!”

2021年6月30日 By xashenghuo

The length of the tunnel in front of him was definitely more than 44 meters, and Chen Ge took out his mobile phone to shine into the tunnel. There were all kinds of scratches on the walls, as well as some strange fonts, and the road was fairly smooth, except that there were some dead […]

Including the Necromancer, they can actually accept it. Of course, if it is given to others, the Necromancer may not be able to accept it. At this moment, the Necromancer is a little frowning: “Two 34 ways become two 36 ways, not as good as one. Rank 39! Su Yu, how do you think about it?”

2021年6月23日 By xashenghuo

He frowned, “Don’t think I am strong, I am indeed not weak, nor self-deprecating, one of the two, I am alone, I am not afraid! But now , I need to deal with two failures!” Su Yu smiled: “What anxious, I haven’t done anything recently! Don’t worry, I 西安耍耍论坛 really want to go to war, […]

incible races also figured it out.

2021年6月22日 By xashenghuo

Someone roared angrily! Too much deception! It’s actually fake! fake! damn it! They took it seriously, and they also felt that it should be true. I didn’t see that the King of 西安耍耍网 Han had been hiding by Fenhai. Obviously, they knew that Fenhai had a problem. If it weren’t for betrayal, it means that […]

t all by yourself.

2021年6月2日 By xashenghuo

The old doctor often went out to gather herbs when he was still alive. At the beginning, the old doctor smiled and told people that although the wild beasts have become more powerful now, the effects of the herbs are also better. Therefore, the old doctor relied on his ability to identify herbal medicines and […]

at Tongtong and the others have indeed caused a big trouble to the shadow.” Chen Ge motioned to Xiaobu and Fan Cong to attack with all his strength and chase after the shadow.

2021年5月27日 By xashenghuo

Soon, a strange scene appeared on the streets of Liwan Town. As the shadow of the black hand behind the scenes, he was chased by a living person carrying a bag, followed by a red-clothed lunatic, and at the end were a panting fat man and a little girl with no arms or legs. Shadow […]

nd Li Lianke to rescue Hangzhou.”

2021年5月26日 By xashenghuo

Jiang Hao returned to the car without any delay, the door closed, and the ball steering wheel was pressed hard. The heavy truck roared again and headed towards Hangzhou. Rush away. When Li Lianke saw that Wang Lei and the others had not come up, he was immediately anxious, “Hey, hey, there is also Captain […]

avernkeeper reminded him that he could customize his characters, he immediately remembered “My life is not your game”.

2021年5月17日 By xashenghuo

That was just over two months ago, Ren Suoke hasn’t forgotten it yet! In order to avoid becoming a rebel again, Ren Suo will of course do everything possible to create a custom character, which undoubtedly can completely eliminate the possibility of playing dirty routines on game consoles. “Wait.” Ren Suo carefully looked at the […]