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and the madness, Vayne shot out from the rear, what the dragon girl in the front row, what the controlling prince, the night hunter rushed past him, they even Yu Luosheng’s Can’t touch the clothes corners!

2021年7月18日 By xashenghuo

Yu Luosheng traversed while roaring. He traversed the entire battlefield in full view. Using the invisibility of the night hunter Vayne and the penetration of the red cross, he completed more than a thousand yards of terrain crossing in 1 second! ! This Wei En has completely turned into an unstoppable mad demon! ! ! […]

blooming. She only needs the protection of a human wall to play ADC, and she can achieve very perfect output.

2021年7月11日 By xashenghuo

Qianmeng’s reaction speed is really fast, Xiaowang’s imprisonment skills almost just raised her hand, she immediately turned around, heroically placing a metal clip in the center of the madman’s foot! With 1.5 seconds of imprisonment time, the madman couldn’t move at all. He hit the imprisoned armband like a mad dog, trying to break free […]

clothing brand “Geek” in the Federation. It was a commemorative model specially made for the Federal Army. It was probably the only expensive genuine clothing he owned . It was his own “veteran”. Certificate”, bought at an exclusive discount.

2021年7月9日 By xashenghuo

This is his second favorite, second decent clothing, so after receiving the invitation, he put it on to go to the appointment. Only after two treacherous battles, his suit of clothing was dirty and could not be looked at directly. But at this moment, it was probably the most relaxing and pleasant moment since Derek […]


2021年6月28日 By xashenghuo

Chen Ge put away his mobile phone. Employees like Yan Danian and Lao Zhou are the better for Chen Ge. He sat in the taxi and looked at the eastern outskirts of Jiujiang: “The western outskirts have been almost everywhere, maybe I can meet new capable employees in the eastern outskirts.” Putting away the phone, […]

it will be triggered. At that moment, people are overwhelmed by negative emotions. Many suicides are actually foretelling, but people around them rarely notice. If they can find out earlier and make changes, tragedies can be completely avoided.” The

2021年6月10日 By xashenghuo

man’s coat was covered in blood. Slowly faded, and the color of the blood tattoo on his left face was also fading. This is the first time Chen Ge has encountered this situation. All the red clothes he has seen before, no matter when, the blood red coat will not change. The red clothes in […]


2021年6月4日 By xashenghuo

“Sure!” Everyone knew the truth. They all breathed in. They were so courageous. Of course, this Shura envoy was treacherous enough, grasping this handle, and resolved the two major forces that had been facing each other for several months, after all, they won the two forbidden grounds and won the Liufang Mountain! At this moment, […]

gift to our Emperor,” Duke Franklin nodded and ordered his attendants to put away the gift. “When the roads are clear in the coming spring, we will establish permanent embassies and send ambassadors to each other. I must I will invite you to our imperial capital. You will love the prosperous business atmosphere there.”

2021年5月17日 By xashenghuo

“I look forward to it.” Wenna the Grey Elf smiled and nodded lightly, then asked, “In addition, our king wants to confirm one. What is the matter, when will the second batch of textiles and alchemy agents be available? In the plains, the shortage of these two commodities is very large.” “We can supply large […]

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2021年5月9日 By xashenghuo

saw the four motorcycle men who were picking up the goods, sitting on a table. Not knowing what they were talking about, Jiang Hao stood with a glass of wine. Get up and walk over, stand with your back to them, and look at the direction of the ballroom. “I made 500 tonight. I will […]